January 27, 2019

Looking Forward To The Year Ahead

The New Year 2019 is here and we at AEI Lighting are looking forward to all of the challenges and successes it will bring.  We love to learn and are constantly asking ourselves "How Can We Improve?"  We are constantly striving to deliver perfection to our customers throughout the United States and worldwide.

We Are Experts In High Bay LED Lighting For Warehouse, Distribution Centers and Processing Centers

We are experts in high bay and retrofit LED lighting for warehouse, distribution centers, processing centers, bottling facilities and big box retail and have satisfied Fortune 2000 customers throughout the United States, proof that we deliver energy-efficient LED Lighting solutions on or under budget that benefit the bottom line.

AEI Lighting - A Made-In-USA LED Lighting Manufacturer

Moreover, we are 'hands-on' in our processes of manufacturing and assembly.  We produce every LED Lighting fixture at our 40,000 SF fabrication and manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona and believe that delivering a high-quality #MadeInUSA LED lighting fixture to you is of utmost importance.  We know what the competition sells and we're 'light years' beyond in energy-efficiency and quality.

At AEI Lighting, we manufacturing our LED Lighting in the USA at our 40,000 SF facility in Mesa, Arizona

As 2019 is lies ahead, know that we will strive to deliver the highest-quality LED Lighting fixtures to you, replete with energy-efficiencies that will make your bottom line sing.  

We welcome you to visit us any time and take a tour of our facility personally with our CEO/Founder, Ron Kotloff.  We believe seeing is believing and nothing beats a personalized tour to start a life-long relationship.


Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team

December 31, 2018

2018 Was An Illuminating Year

At AEI Lighting, we judge our success not on sales increases, added margin or increased accounts . . . we judge our success on the satisfaction of our customers, for we know that if our customers are happy, all of the above mentioned items will fall into place.

AEI Fabrication Team

We must be doing something right, as 2018 was a year that saw us engage in and deliver on many customer challenges that included an array of our LED lighting styles being installed for warehouse, distribution centers, processing centers, bottling facilities and, in some cases, big box retail -- all across the USA.  

As you know, we are a #MadeInUSA LED lighting manufacturer, based in Arizona, and proudly produce our high-quality #AmericanMade lighting fixtures at our 40,000 facility here.  In 2018, we added to our suite of cutting edge equipment with an AMADA ENSIS EN3015AJ Precision Fiber Laser Cutting System.

AEI Fabrications AMADA ENSIS Fiber Laser Cutting System

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to thank all of our existing customers for a wonderful year of challenges, productivity and success. We appreciate your business and, as you know, we are not satisfied with our performance until you are.  Here's wishing you a Happy New Year 2019 --- may it bring much happiness and prosperity.


Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team

October 01, 2018

We Are Your High-Volume, Made-In-USA LED Lighting Manufacturer

At AEI Lighting, we consider 'high-volume' LED Lighting manufacturing our standard.  We have predicated our business on creating LED lighting solutions for warehouse, distribution centers, production facilities and food processing plants. 

Our clientele require 100s and sometimes 1000s of fixtures at a time, meaning that we have to operate in a near zero lead time environment.  We can meet most mandates because we ARE the manufacturer with a 40,000 SF+ fabrication facility 'in-house' and a system of processes --- from Engineering & Design (CAD) to Stamping/Punching to Bending/Forming to Assembly/Finishing --- that deliver perfection and precision.

 AEI Lighting Engineering, Design & CAD Department Will Ensure Your Best LED Lighting Solution

AT AEI LIGHTING, WHEN IT COMES TO PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, OUR TEAM IS YOUR TEAM.  Our friendly design and engineering staff will work hand-in-hand with you, start to finish, to develop the exact lighting fixture you envision.  If you have your own CAD/Drawings, great -- if not, we can certainly assist.  A sampling of the software and system platforms we use are:

  • SolidWorks Premium, with Simulation Professional 2014
  • Fabriwin 2014/AP100 US: The most widely used CAD/CAM package available for sheet metal fabrication and the leading industry solution for programming Punching, Laser, WaterJet, Plasma and Combination Punch Cut CNC machines
  • Adobe Illustrator for dimensional design work, alpha-numeric work and extrusion

AEI Lighting is your high volume LED Lighting manufacturer for warehouse, production facilities, distribution centers and much more

AT AEI LIGHTING, WHEN IT COMES TO FABRICATING YOUR FIXTURES, OUR TEAM IS YOUR TEAM.  We utilize a variety of AMADA Press Brakes to offer a wide range of metal bending and forming services for your lighting fixture or design. From forming complex fixture shapes to pressing consistent patterns, our forming capabilities can handle your project. With eco-friendly systems predicated on low energy consumption, our forming systems provide unparalleled precision and performance in both processing and backgauge speed to ensure you save on your lighting fixture project.

AEI Lighting is your Made In USA LED Lighting manufacturer for high bay lighting for warehouse, distribution centers, retail and production facilities

AT AEI LIGHTING, WHEN IT COMES TO QUALITY ASSEMBLY & ON-TIME LOGISTICS, OUR TEAM IS YOUR TEAM.  Due to our pace of operating at high-volume, our assembly and logistics team can handle your lighting order with ease.  We assemble and ship 1000s of LED lighting fixtures, in a variety of models, nationally every week.  And, no order is too small or design too difficult for us to execute.  Give us the chance to impress you on your next LED lighting order -- our AEI Team will create the most cost- and energy-efficient lighting solution for you.

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team

August 04, 2018

Our DLC Fixtures Mean Absolute Energy Efficiency For You

At AEI Lighting, we have a robust line of DLC-Listed LED lighting fixtures for many applications -- from Retrofit to Site & Area to WallPacks to VaporTight.  We're proud to be able to offer you an array of DLC fixtures that can facilitate most needs at your facility.

AEI Lighting's DLC Listed LED Lighting fixtures include retrofits, high bay, site area, vapor tight and wall packs. 

What Does A DLC Listing Mean?  A DLC Listing or Certification means that the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) has qualified or certified a particular LED lighting fixture that has undergone stringent third-party testing for energy-efficiencies and to ensure all lumen claims are met.  

The DLC works with many utility companies in all regions of the United States to include DLC listed fixtures in utility rebate programs.  Your local utility may require DLC fixtures for rebates to apply at your facility; thus, we at AEI will try to specify our DLC-Listed fixtures if your job or site is seeking utility rebates. 

AEI Lighting's DLC Listed LED Lighting Fixtures include vapor tight, wall packs, high bay, retrofits, troopers and many more.

Rest assured, our DLC-Listed LED lighting fixtures undergo very stringent testing to ensure DLC Certification and make the DLC's Qualified Products List.

If you'd like to learn more about our DLC-Listed LED lighting fixtures, contact our resident LED lighting specialist, Michele Floyd, at 877-AEI-LITE, 480-733-6594 or by email at michele@aeilighting.com.

Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team



July 05, 2018

Yes. Hand-Made, Made-In-USA LED Lighting Does Exist.

At AEI Lighting we're very 'hands-one.  We design, engineer, fabricate, manufacture and hand-assemble our Made-In-USA LED lighting at our facility in Mesa, Arizona.  Most of the processes in executing your lighting order involve our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision equipment -- from laser cutting to stamping to punching to bending to forming to machining and turning.  However, all of these processes involve operators -- our AEI Lighting Team of A++ multi-disciplined operators -- each with a very 'Hands-On' mind-set and 'Can-Do' mandate.  Yes, we at AEI Lighting ARE meticulously 'Hands-On' when it comes to your LED lighting order.

AEI LED Lighting is manufactured at AEI Lighting in Mesa, Arizona strictly Made In USA

From high bay to vapor tight to cold storage, many of our product lines are laser cut  by our Amada LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System and then formed on our Amada RG-8024 and FBD 1025NT Press Brakes, by expert, 'hands-on' AEI operators.

AEI LED Lighting is hand assembled in our AEI Lighting manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona --- strictly MADE IN USA!

Your LED lighting order will go through 'Hands-On' assembly, quality control and packing processes -- each of which we take the utmost in pride to ensure perfect order delivery and functionality for you. 

AEI's LED Lighting is strictly MADE IN USA, laser cut, fabricated and hand-assembled in our Mesa, Arizona manufacturing facility

Although the discipline requires the ultimate in a design eye and artistic brain power, another process at AEI Lighting in which we are 'Hands-On' is in our Design & Engineering department.

AEI Lighting Design & Engineering Department Ensures Perfection On Your Lighting Design and Order

The precision and creativity of our CAD Team of Engineers means the best design will be created to create a perfect lighting solution for you. Our Engineers are 'Hands-On' in understanding the nuances and exact details of your lighting project and environment, discussing the best means of execution with our equipment operators and project managers to seamlessly deliver exactly what you've envisioned.

Yes, at AEI Lighting, we believe that in this digital age, 'Hands-On', 'Hand-Made' and 'American-Made' are all important product assets.  We're here to ensure you that you can put your lighting project in our very capable hands.  We'll do the rest.


Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team

June 11, 2018

Your AEI Lighting Facility Lunch Tour Is On Us.

At AEI Lighting, we are #MadeInUSA & #MadeInAmerica and want to show you how we do it concept to final product at our Mesa, Arizona facility.  Sign up for a personalized facility tour with our founder & CEO, Ron Kotloff and we'll show you how we make some of the most high-quality, energy-efficient LED Lighting in the business.

We are a completely 'in-house' manufacturer of our lighting fixtures.  Our fabrication area includes our AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System, an AMADA HG-2204 250-Ton 14-Foot Press Brake, an AMADA EM2510 NT Servo Drive Turret Punch Press, an AMADA PEGA 255 CNC Turret Punch Press, an AMADA FBD 1025NT Up-Acting Press Brake and two AMADA RG-8024 down-acting press brakes.  We laser, punch, stamp, bend and form your special lighting fixture designs to ensure your fixture has maximum output and efficiency at your facility.

AEI Fabrication services include bending and forming on our Amada 250-ton press brake.

AEI Fabrication services include laser cutting on our 6,000 Watt Amada laser cutting system.

AEI Lighting's fabrication facility in Mesa, Arizona where our MadeInUSA fixtures are laser cut, formed and finished

All of this doesn't include our CAD center where your lighting design can start from conception.  We will ensure that your lighting fixture design is perfected before we put it to the test in our fabrication processes.

AEI Fabrication features a full CAD Design & Engineering department.

If you're local (and even if you're not), make lunch a little different this summer and sign up for an AEI Lighting Facility Lunch Tour here.  We promise you that lunch is on us AND you'll discover how to create the perfect lighting solution for your facility, warehouse or DC. 

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team 

May 09, 2018

We're A #MadeInUSA Manufacturer Delivering LED Lighting Quality 24/7

Differentiation.  It's an oft-used word when speaking about products or offerings.  

In the lighting industry, the word differentiation takes on new meaning when it comes to WHO you purchase your LED lighting from for your facility's total lighting solution.  Here are two facts in the lighting industry differentiation vein:

1) Not all LED Lighting companies are created equally

2) Not all LED Lighting fixtures are created equally

When it comes to LED Lighting fixtures, you need to TRUST the company from which you purchase your LED lighting and RELY on for your facility's total lighting solution.  Will the survey be conducted efficiently?  Will the LED lighting fixtures be installed properly?   And, most importantly, will the LED lighting fixtures last AND provide the promised payback/ROI?

When you purchase your LED lighting from AEI Lighting, you'll know the answers to the above questions is a resounding 'YES'.  

We are an American-based manufacturer of LED lighting with decades of experience in the lighting business, an acumen on the fixture side that can only come from hands-on fabrication processes and a gold-standard reputation on the total solutions side that means we've delivered quality LED fixtures and the perfect energy-efficient solution for warehouses, DCs, processing centers and facilities for decades.

AEI Lighting fixtures LED lighting fixtures

AEI Lighting fixtures with reflectors, sensors and other options

BEFORE you choose your LED lighting fixtures from SOMEONE ELSE . . . please call on us first in order to understand the difference (ah, differentiation) between our quality AEI LED lighting fixtures and others.  Call on us to understand the difference of having your product MADE IN USA  by a USA MANUFACTURER under strict quality control and customer care for your job and business.


AEI Lighting manufactures its own fixtures -- all aluminum fixture parts, including those shown, are manufactured in-house -- Mesa, Arizona

Lighting fixtures parts manufactured in-house at AEI Lighting

At AEI, it's our goal to be a step above and ahead of everyone else. It's our goal to differentiate ourselves from the competition in all processes of fulfilling your lighting solution needs.  Rest assured, when it comes to differentiation, you'll discover just how positively different we are.  Call Michele Floyd at AEI at 877-AEI-LITE or 480-733-6594 to get the 'Differentiation Show' started for your facility.


Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team 

April 16, 2018

Occupancy Sensors = Savings For You

Energy-conscious minds everywhere share the common belief that one should turn off lights when not in a room.  That energy-conscious habit most definitely applies to enterprises everywhere, where saving money on energy and lighting is at the forefront to ensure profitability.

Enter our great, green solution to ease your mind --- AEI occupancy sensors.  

AEI Lighting occupancy sensors on AEI Lighting highbay LED fixtures for warehouse, distribution centers, processing centers and industrial facilities -- energy efficient for facilities management success.

AEI occupancy sensors can be added as an option to most high- and low-bay AEI Lighting fixtures for your warehouse, distribution center, processing center or industrial work environment.

AEI Lighting's integrated occupancy and daylighting control options offer additional energy savings without wiring -- we go to the trouble of installing occupancy sensors at your request for your order so you don't have to.

With our AEI Lighting occupancy sensors, you are able to program your lights for ultimate efficient on/off, depending on room occupancy.  

For best results, consult our lighting expert, Michele Floyd, on what sensor combination your environment's lighting solution would require.  Michele can, given an initial survey of your facility, provide you with the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution that maximizes occupancy sensor use to benefit your bottom line.

We want you to make use of occupancy sensor technology to ensure additional savings for your facilities and will help you get there every step of the way.  Call on us any time at 877-AEI-LITE or 480-733-6594.

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team



March 22, 2018

When It's Time For Your Facility Lighting Upgrade, Go Mod!

If you have a warehouse, distribution center or processing/production center that may need an LED fixture type that provides more than the average fixture, look to our HB Series Modular High Bay fixtures.  Our HB Series features exclusive scalability to enable perimeter area, task and heavily populated floor designs to be easily to be easily configured to avoid obstructions and maximize energy and maintenance savings.


Our HB Series Modular High Bay fixtures for high- and low-bay have these features:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Are DLC Listed
  • OSRAM distributed array Gen II LED modules or AEI Flexrad LED modules
  • IP-55 Rated single, tandem & triple models available
  • High lumen LED output with multiple lumen output options
  • Available in multiple colors and finishes
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on all fixture components

Our single and tandem (shown below) HB Series fixtures are perfect for these applications:

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers 
  • Production and Processing Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • All High and Low Bay Applications

Let us show you how our HB Series Modular High Bay fixtures may be the best LED lighting solution for your next project.  We're more than happy to walk you through the HB Series' assets and take a close look at the details of your facility -- call on us any time at 800-877-LITE or 480-733-6594 or email our lighting expert, Michele Floyd, at michele@aeilighting.com.


Stay Illuminated, 


The AEI Lighting Team


February 09, 2018

When It Comes To Retrofits, Keep It Simple.

In 2017 and thus far in 2018, our LED Retrofit Kits are replacing traditional fluorescent and HID at a tremendous rate in Retail, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Construction/Architecture.  We have a variety of LED Retrofit Kits for your industrial facility, distribution center or warehouse including our Axedo DLC-Listed Retrofit Kit that includes these specifications:

  • Made-In-USA AEI Linear or OSRAM LED light engines
  • Versatile, convenient, economical and easy to install
  • Energy and cost savings over fluorescent
  • Switchable driver allows for various wattage ranges - 30W, 45W & 60W
  • Overlays available for louvered fixtures to create luminous panel effect
  • Shielding options for strip style applications to eliminate direct view of LEDs
  • Unsurpassed thermal contact to ensure long life
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on all fixture components

Our LED Retrofits are contributing to over 50% energy savings for all types of applications, from retail quick mart chains to manufacturing facilities to hospitals.  Usually, each project will have a two to three-year payback schedule with an incremental utility rebate for AEI LED use.

Additionally, if you want to keep your lighting upgrade really simple, look into our T8 LED replacement tube.   

Our AEI high performance T8 LED  Tubes have the same geometry as fluorescent T8 tubes but are vastly superior. Constructed using high efficiency LEDs and the highest quality components, AEI T8 LED Tubes last an average of 5X longer than fluorescent alternatives and achieve energy savings of up to 60%.

AEI Lighting T8 Retrofit LED Tubes

Our T8 LED Tubes provide a low glare, high-quality light in a range of color temperatures and their wide-angle beam ensures full light coverage, even in low ceiling areas. They also offer:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY - High efficiency LEDs enable savings of up to 60% compared to fluorescents
  • EASY INSTALL, QUICK RETROFIT - Standard G13 connection compatible with existing fluorescent non-stunted tube holders
  • LONG-LIFE, LOW MAINTENANCE - Up to 50,000 hours lifetime reduces your maintenance costs & provides ROI in two years or less
  • IMMEDIATE LIGHT WITHOUT NOISE - Instant ON without flickering and buzzing common in fluorescent products
  • VOLTAGE & OPERATING - Input voltage is 120-277V and operating frequency is 50/60Hz

No matter your retrofit need, look to AEI Lighting first for the right solution for your facility, warehouse or distribution center.  We'll walk you through our LED Retrofits to find the most energy-efficient, cost-saving and rebate inducing fixture and profile for you. Call 877-AEI-LITE or 480-733-6594 today or email Michele in our sales department at Michele@AEILighting.com.


Stay Illuminated & Retrofit ON!


The AEI Lighting Team

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