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Differentiation.  It's an oft-used word when speaking about products or offerings.  

In the lighting industry, the word differentiation takes on new meaning when it comes to WHO you purchase your LED lighting from for your facility's total lighting solution.  Here are two facts in the lighting industry differentiation vein:

1) Not all LED Lighting companies are created equally

2) Not all LED Lighting fixtures are created equally

When it comes to LED Lighting fixtures, you need to TRUST the company from which you purchase your LED lighting and RELY on for your facility's total lighting solution.  Will the survey be conducted efficiently?  Will the LED lighting fixtures be installed properly?   And, most importantly, will the LED lighting fixtures last AND provide the promised payback/ROI?

When you purchase your LED lighting from AEI Lighting, you'll know the answers to the above questions is a resounding 'YES'.  

We are an American-based manufacturer of LED lighting with decades of experience in the lighting business, an acumen on the fixture side that can only come from hands-on fabrication processes and a gold-standard reputation on the total solutions side that means we've delivered quality LED fixtures and the perfect energy-efficient solution for warehouses, DCs, processing centers and facilities for decades.

AEI Lighting fixtures LED lighting fixtures

AEI Lighting fixtures with reflectors, sensors and other options

BEFORE you choose your LED lighting fixtures from SOMEONE ELSE . . . please call on us first in order to understand the difference (ah, differentiation) between our quality AEI LED lighting fixtures and others.  Call on us to understand the difference of having your product MADE IN USA  by a USA MANUFACTURER under strict quality control and customer care for your job and business.


AEI Lighting manufactures its own fixtures -- all aluminum fixture parts, including those shown, are manufactured in-house -- Mesa, Arizona

Lighting fixtures parts manufactured in-house at AEI Lighting

At AEI, it's our goal to be a step above and ahead of everyone else. It's our goal to differentiate ourselves from the competition in all processes of fulfilling your lighting solution needs.  Rest assured, when it comes to differentiation, you'll discover just how positively different we are.  Call Michele Floyd at AEI at 877-AEI-LITE or 480-733-6594 to get the 'Differentiation Show' started for your facility.


Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team