We Are Your High-Volume, Made-In-USA LED Lighting Manufacturer

October 01, 2018

At AEI Lighting, we consider 'high-volume' LED Lighting manufacturing our standard.  We have predicated our business on creating LED lighting solutions for warehouse, distribution centers, production facilities and food processing plants.  Our clientele require 100s and sometimes 1000s of fixtures at a time, meaning that we have to operate in a near zero lead time environment.  We can meet most mandates because we ARE the manufacturer with a 40,000 SF+ fabrication facility 'in-house' and a system of processes --- from Engineering & Design (CAD) to Stamping/Punching to Bending/Forming to Assembly/Finishing --- that deliver perfection and precision.   AT AEI LIGHTING, WHEN IT COMES TO PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, OUR TEAM IS YOUR TEAM.  Our friendly design and engineering staff will work hand-in-hand with you, start... Continue Reading →

Our DLC Fixtures Mean Absolute Energy Efficiency For You

August 04, 2018

At AEI Lighting, we have a robust line of DLC-Listed LED lighting fixtures for many applications -- from Retrofit to Site & Area to WallPacks to VaporTight.  We're proud to be able to offer you an array of DLC fixtures that can facilitate most needs at your facility.   What Does A DLC Listing Mean?  A DLC Listing or Certification means that the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) has qualified or certified a particular LED lighting fixture that has undergone stringent third-party testing for energy-efficiencies and to ensure all lumen claims are met.   The DLC works with many utility companies in all regions of the United States to include DLC listed fixtures in utility rebate programs.  Your local utility may require DLC fixtures... Continue Reading →

Yes. Hand-Made, Made-In-USA LED Lighting Does Exist.

July 05, 2018

At AEI Lighting we're very 'hands-one.  We design, engineer, fabricate, manufacture and hand-assemble our Made-In-USA LED lighting at our facility in Mesa, Arizona.  Most of the processes in executing your lighting order involve our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision equipment -- from laser cutting to stamping to punching to bending to forming to machining and turning.  However, all of these processes involve operators -- our AEI Lighting Team of A++ multi-disciplined operators -- each with a very 'Hands-On' mind-set and 'Can-Do' mandate.  Yes, we at AEI Lighting ARE meticulously 'Hands-On' when it comes to your LED lighting order. From high bay to vapor tight to cold storage, many of our product lines are laser cut  by our Amada LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System and then formed on... Continue Reading →

Your AEI Lighting Facility Lunch Tour Is On Us.

June 11, 2018

At AEI Lighting, we are #MadeInUSA & #MadeInAmerica and want to show you how we do it concept to final product at our Mesa, Arizona facility.  Sign up for a personalized facility tour with our founder & CEO, Ron Kotloff and we'll show you how we make some of the most high-quality, energy-efficient LED Lighting in the business. We are a completely 'in-house' manufacturer of our lighting fixtures.  Our fabrication area includes our AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System, an AMADA HG-2204 250-Ton 14-Foot Press Brake, an AMADA EM2510 NT Servo Drive Turret Punch Press, an AMADA PEGA 255 CNC Turret Punch Press, an AMADA FBD 1025NT Up-Acting Press Brake and two AMADA RG-8024 down-acting press brakes.  We laser, punch, stamp, bend and form your special... Continue Reading →

We're A #MadeInUSA Manufacturer Delivering LED Lighting Quality 24/7

May 09, 2018

Differentiation.  It's an oft-used word when speaking about products or offerings.   In the lighting industry, the word differentiation takes on new meaning when it comes to WHO you purchase your LED lighting from for your facility's total lighting solution.  Here are two facts in the lighting industry differentiation vein: 1) Not all LED Lighting companies are created equally 2) Not all LED Lighting fixtures are created equally When it comes to LED Lighting fixtures, you need to TRUST the company from which you purchase your LED lighting and RELY on for your facility's total lighting solution.  Will the survey be conducted efficiently?  Will the LED lighting fixtures be installed properly?   And, most importantly, will the LED lighting fixtures last AND provide... Continue Reading →

Occupancy Sensors = Savings For You

April 16, 2018

Energy-conscious minds everywhere share the common belief that one should turn off lights when not in a room.  That energy-conscious habit most definitely applies to enterprises everywhere, where saving money on energy and lighting is at the forefront to ensure profitability. Enter our great, green solution to ease your mind --- AEI occupancy sensors.   AEI occupancy sensors can be added as an option to most high- and low-bay AEI Lighting fixtures for your warehouse, distribution center, processing center or industrial work environment. AEI Lighting's integrated occupancy and daylighting control options offer additional energy savings without wiring -- we go to the trouble of installing occupancy sensors at your request for your order so you don't have to. With our AEI Lighting... Continue Reading →

When It's Time For Your Facility Lighting Upgrade, Go Mod!

March 22, 2018

If you have a warehouse, distribution center or processing/production center that may need an LED fixture type that provides more than the average fixture, look to our HB Series Modular High Bay fixtures.  Our HB Series features exclusive scalability to enable perimeter area, task and heavily populated floor designs to be easily to be easily configured to avoid obstructions and maximize energy and maintenance savings.   Our HB Series Modular High Bay fixtures for high- and low-bay have these features: Made in the U.S.A. Are DLC Listed OSRAM distributed array Gen II LED modules or AEI Flexrad LED modules IP-55 Rated single, tandem & triple models available High lumen LED output with multiple lumen output options Available in multiple colors and finishes 5-Year Limited... Continue Reading →