January 23, 2018

Your Space. Our Final Frontier.

There is a lot of space out there.  Millions and millions of square feet of warehouse, DC and facility space awaiting the best lighting solution to peak productivity and employee efficiency.  

At AEI Lighting, we can bring the perfect LED lighting solution to your space and take pride in offering a wide array of #LEDLighting fixtures for your #industrial, #commercial, #cold storage, #extreme and #retail environments.

AEI Lighting High Bay and Low Bay LED Lighting for Warehouse, DC and Industrial applications

100,000 to 1 Million+ SF Environments:  For your #distribution centers, #warehouse and any new, large construction space, we offer best-in-class #MadeInUSA high- and low-bay #LEDLighting fixtures #manufactured in our facility in Mesa, Arizona.  Rest assured, we touch and test EVERY fixture that ships from our facility before it arrives at your facility for installation.  Our high- and low-bay AEI Lighting line of #LED fixtures includes DLC Listed, our Allure line, our Modular HB line and our VXT & VTV Vapor Tight fixture series for extreme environments and cold storage. 

AEI Lighting High Bay and Low Bay LED Lighting for Warehouse, DC and Industrial applications

Retrofit Kits for Commercial, Retail, Warehouse: To simplify installations and keep your facilities up and running without much interruption, we offer a variety of LED #retrofit kits, including our Axedo series, our LID series and our LWF and WLS LED Wrap series.

AEI Lighting High Bay and Low Bay LED Lighting for Warehouse, DC and Industrial applications

Site & Area, Street & Roadway, Garage & Parking: We also take much pride in outfitting municipalities and corporate, commercial & academic campuses across the United States with our Street & Roadway, Site & Area and Garage, Walkway & Parking fixtures that include our SiteMax fixtures and our Parking Plus fixtures.

AEI Lighting High Bay and Low Bay LED Lighting for Site & Area, Garage & Parking and Street & Roadway applications

No matter what your type of facility or application, however extreme your environment or however vast your space, we can handle your job with our precision-fabricated, Made-In-USA AEI LED Lighting fixtures.  Sign up to take a tour of our facility . . . we'll buy you lunch, walk you through our manufacturing operation and will even let you put your feet up while we work through your lighting solution possibilities that will save you money and make 2018 the most efficient, positive year ever for your facilities.  

Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team

December 13, 2017

Our Allure High Bay Is Definitely Alluring . . .

At AEI Lighting, we take pride in developing the most cost-efficient, energy-efficiency LED lighting fixtures for you that yield optimal footcandles (fc) for your warehouse, distribution center or industrial facility.

One of our more popular LED high bay fixtures for warehouses, distribution centers and processing facilities is our 'Made In The USA' Allure AHB Series LED that combines its luminous talents for all high- and low-bay applications.

Our Allure Highbay LED Fixture Is Certainly Alluring

The Allure is powered by our own AEI brand LEDs with NICHIA N757D chips and comes in 2-, 3- and 4-LED board configurations. As always, this IP55 rated fixture comes with our 5-Year Limited Warranty on all fixture components.  Some features of our Allure fixture include:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • AEI Linear LEDs using NICHIA N757D chips
  • IP-55 Rated single, tandem & triple models available
  • High lumen LED output with multiple lumen output options
  • Available in multiple colors and finishes
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on all fixture components

Popular applications for our Allure fixture include:

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Production and Processing Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • All High and Low Bay Applications

AEI Allure LED Lighting Fixture For High Bay Applications

As with all AEI Lighting fixtures, our Allure's primary assets are energy efficiency and cost savings to you and your facility.  At AEI Lighting, we take pride in manufacturing all of our fixtures right here in the USA -- #MadeInTheUSA is our mantra.  And, our goal is to build a relationship with you that is based on trust that starts with our quality fixtures, on-schedule deliveries and unmatched customer service.

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team


November 21, 2017

We Provide Certainty For Delivery & Support After The Sale.

These days, we can't express enough how important it is to buy from a lighting solutions partner that is in total control of its product throughout the supply chain as well as after the sale.  

The last thing you need is an order for one of your facilities, warehouses, DC or cold storage to either be short of or contain defective fixtures.  And, even if you receive a perfect fixture order -- will install go well or will there be fixture issues in the short term.  Will those issues be solved to your satisfaction in a timely manner that does not cost you money?

With AEI Lighting the angst and stress of the above do not exist.  We take pride in ensuring that you receive the perfect lighting solution through extensive audit and deliver complete, no-fail fixture orders that are tested multiple times before they leave our USA-facility.

AEI Lighting facility in Mesa, Arizona -- Made In The USA LED Lighting Fixtures

When you choose AEI Lighting, we want you to be a customer for life and we will take the necessary steps to accomplish that goal.  All we ask is that you give us a try and let us show you how our Made-In-USA fixtures from our total turnkey manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona will not only save you time in the ordering and install processes but will save you money in LED Lighting efficiencies in the long run.

AEI Lighting facility in Mesa, Arizona -- Made In The USA LED Lighting Fixtures

Let us illuminate your world by taking part in a personal lunch tour with our Founder & CEO, Ron Kotloff.  You won't regret it and your company will love how we affect your bottom line.

We look forward to meeting you at our next AEI Lighting Lunch Tour -- and, want to extend a toast a life-long relationship and your ultimate savings!

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team

September 30, 2017

We Manufacture. We Are USA-Made. We Set Ourselves Apart.

This post is the rare post that is not about our lighting fixtures.  It's about what we put into our lighting fixtures.

At AEI Lighting, we set ourselves apart from the competition.  How do we do it?  For one, WE are the MANUFACTURER of our AEI Lighting fixtures.  We laser cut, bend, form and assemble all of the AEI LED fixtures in our lines right in our Mesa, Arizona facility, right here in the good old USA.  That makes us American-Made as well.  

We're proud of these facts and believe that when you look for LED Lighting fixtures, you want a manufacturer you can trust, you can touch, you can visit AND you want American-quality fixtures with a great warranty that guarantees long fixture life with no hassles.

On the manufacturing side, you can see how serious we are about producing our own LED Lighting fixtures by the fact that we own a 250-Ton Amada HG 2204 Press Brake AND a 6,000-Watt Amada LC3015 F1 NT Laser Cutting System.  Who does that here in the USA?

AEI Lightings Amada HG-2204 Press Brake

Our Amada HG-2204 Press Brake for bending and forming your LED Fixtures

When considering a company for your LED Lighting needs, all we ask is you consider a company that is serious about the quality of the lighting fixtures it delivers.  Consider a company that gives you American-made fixtures with quality components and ultimate energy-efficiencies. All we ask is you consider AEI Lighting.  

We're so sure you'll become a lifetime customer that we'd like to host you for lunch and a facility tour with our founder, Ron Kotloff.  Take us up on our offer -- you won't regret it.

Stay illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team

July 12, 2017

Shine On With Savings From Our Exterior Flood & Accent LEDs

At AEI, we work hard on the science of LED and take pride in bringing you USA-Made fixtures, manufactured on-site at our Mesa, AZ facility, that provide the best light and illumination possible for your particular application.  

Our FLL-16 and FLL-24 LED flood and accent light fixture models utilize our USA-made AEI LED strip modules and offer the best flood & accent lighting solution for:

  • Commercial, industrial and retail building exteriors
  • School and university building exteriors
  • Parking garages and areas
  • Loading bay & dock exteriors
  • Distribution and shipping centers
  • Areas & Roadways
  • Office Parks & Campus Parking Lots

AEI WallPack LED FLL-16 and FLL-24 For Exterior Illumination

Our DLC-Listed AEI FLL-16 & FLL-24's array of LEDs provide brilliant, uniform lighting for all types of commercial & industrial outdoor applications. Unparalleled energy savings make the FLL-16 and FLL-24 perfect for area and roadway lighting.  Features of the FLL-16 and FLL-24 include:

  • Available w/ a variety of pole and arm mounting options
  • UL-Rated for damp and wet locations
  • Designed for superior heat dissipation to ensure unparalleled lumen maintenance & long, usable life
  • Tempered flat, clear glass lens & aluminum reflector standard
  • Vandal guard, wire guard, baffle and diffusing options available.
  • High lumen LED output with multiple lumen output options
  • Standard bronze housing; available in other colors and finishes
  • Tempered flat, clear glass lens & aluminum reflector standard
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on all fixture components

FLL-16 Diagram:

AEI FLL-16 LED Wallpack Luminaire

FLL-24 Diagram:

Whatever your accent or flood lighting application, call on us at 877-AEI-LITE and we'll walk you through the perfect solution that will provide the most comprehensive, energy-efficient illumination.


Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team

June 13, 2017

It's Summer, Ride The Tube!

Now that we're in the heart of June, here's a hot idea that will cool your lighting expenses -- convert your tired, expensive T8 to energy-efficient LED with our AEI LED T8 Retrofit Tubes!

Our AEI high performance T8 LED  Tubes have the same geometry as fluorescent T8 tubes but are vastly superior. Constructed using high efficiency LEDs and the highest quality components, AEI T8 LED Tubes last an average of 5X longer than fluorescent alternatives and achieve energy savings of up to 60%.

AEI Lighting T8 Retrofit LED Tubes

Our T8 LED Tubes provide a low glare, high-quality light in a range of color temperatures and their wide-angle beam ensures full light coverage, even in low ceiling areas. They also offer:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY - High efficiency LEDs enable savings of up to 60% compared to fluorescents
  • EASY INSTALL, QUICK RETROFIT - Standard G13 connection compatible with existing fluorescent non-stunted tube holders
  • LONG-LIFE, LOW MAINTENANCE - Up to 50,000 hours lifetime reduces your maintenance costs & provides ROI in two years or less
  • IMMEDIATE LIGHT WITHOUT NOISE - Instant ON without flickering and buzzing common in fluorescent products
  • VOLTAGE & OPERATING - Input voltage is 120-277V and operating frequency is 50/60Hz

AEI Lighting T8 Retrofit LED Tubes

Jump on the LED savings bandwagon the simplest and easiest way possible -- with our our T8 Retrofit LED Tube.  Preview the T8 Retrofit LED Tube Data Sheet here .

If you've questions on the T8 Retrofit or any other LED Lighting solution, call on us at 480-733-6594 or 877-AEI-LITE.

Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team

April 28, 2017

Vapor Tight In An Extreme World

Our VTV and VXT vapor-tight LED fixtures give you a worry-free replacement for your tired fixtures that may be battered by water, moisture, dust and extreme elements.

Our DLC-Listed VTV fixture comes with a limited 5-year warranty and features: 

  • Sleek profile design
  • Poured-in-place gasket and cam latches seal the enclosures from hostile environments
  • Tamper-resistant latches available in polycarbonate or stainless steel
  • IP67, NEMA 4X Rated
  • L70: 115,000 hours, CRI: 83.5
  • Constant current, 0-10V dimming
  • Sensor options for added savings with OCC, Photocell or Bi-Level
  • CCT in 3000K, 4000K & 5000K color temperatures
  • Eliminates fluorescent glass hazards in food processing

The VTV is perfect for wet/IP67 environments as well as:

  • All Outdoor Areas
  • Dusty Industrial Environments
  • Moist & Damp Environments
  • Cold & Refrigerated Environments
  • Commercial Freezers
  • Car Washes & Parking Garages
  • Underground Walkways


Our VXT vapor tight fixture comes with a limited 10-year warranty and features:

  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • UL5VA Housing will not melt of burn
  • UL-Approved as a wireway & through for easy connection abilities
  • Weatherability (f1) rated, suitable for outdoor use with respect to ultraviolet exposure, water exposure and immersion in accordance with UL746
  • 100% impact modified acrylic lens withstands wear and tear
  • IP65 & IP67-Certified lens available in clear, frosted or different optical designs and characteristics
  • Available in 3000K, 4000K and 6000K color temperatures
  • Boards have minimum CRI of 80 for excellent color rendering for intended environment
  • Boards have a superior light efficacy of up to 120 lumens per watt

The VXT is perfect wet and damp environments:

  • Food Processing & Cold Storage
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Breweries & Industrial Facilities
  • Livestock Containment Buildings & Parking Garages
  • Laundries & Car Washes
  • All high- and low-bay applications with extreme cold and moisture and/or dirt and dust

If your facility is an extreme environment and you're seeking the most energy-efficient, Made-In-USA fixtures that fit your budget, look to AEI Lighting first.  We'll walk you through a complete profile of your extreme environment with a workup that maximizes use of our VTV, VXT or our other vapor tight fixtures to deliver the best lighting solution for you.

Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team

February 27, 2017

We Wrote The Book On LED High Bay Fixtures

At AEI Lighting, we've been in the lighting business for over 20 years manufacturing our very own 'Made-In-The-USA' AEI LED high bay lighting fixtures and retrofit kits for warehouses, distribution centers, food processing facilities, gymnasiums and other high bay environments.  


AEI high bay LED lighting fixtures, complete with occupancy sensor solutions, ensure energy efficiency while helping to improve workplace productivity -- both positive affects on your bottomline.  Every AEI high bay LED lighting fixture goes through a multi-point test for many different factors, including ultimate foot-candle output, before we send them to or install them in your facility.

We have installed AEI Lighting high bay for many of the Fortune 2000, College and University institutions, major airline hangars, NBA basketball arenas, distribution super centers, the Dallas Convention Center and freezer & cold storage environments, accommodated by our VTV Vapor Tight fixtures.

If it's time to replace your old, tired metal halide or fluorescent high bay or undergo a retrofit, look to AEI Lighting for the perfect solution.  We even have an T8-size retrofit LED tube for your traditional fixtures.  No matter your situation, we'll design the perfect, energy-efficient high bay system for you.


Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team

January 12, 2017

Go Modular With Our HB Series

At AEI Lighting, we are one of the country's most specialized LED Lighting solutions providers.  We've created our Modular HB Series LED lighting fixture to give you a variety of scalable options and lighting possibilities for your facility or warehouse.AEI Modular HB LED Lighting High Bay Highbay series lighting fixtureAEI Lighting LED Lighting Modular HB Series high bay light fixtureOur HB Series features exclusive scalability to enable perimeter area, task and heavily populated floor designs to be easily configured to avoid obstructions and maximize energy and maintenance savings.

Available with both OSRAM or AEI Lighting LED Modules, the HB Series comes with exclusive modular, interchangeable end-cap options available for production of different light geometries (w/multiple fixture) in order to spread light in areas where wider distribution is required.  Easy install and assembly increases cost efficiencies.

AEI’s MODULAR HIGH-BAY HB Series LED is available in 80W, 130W and 160W options.  And, integrated occupancy and daylighting control options offer additional savings without the hassle of wiring.

Go mod . . . look to AEI for the most efficient solution for high bay LED lighting -- the AEI Modular HB Series.  Call AEI at 877-AEI-LITE or your AEI Representative today.

Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team



July 31, 2016

Conservation Begins With You & AEI LED

At AEI Lighting, we pride ourselves in making the most energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures for many targeted applications right here in the United States -- Mesa, Arizona to be exact.  

Our energy-saving LED Lighting fixtures service warehouse, cold storage, distribution centers, extreme environments, street & roadway, retail, gymnasiums, ice rinks and many more applications for colleges, universities and many of the Fortune 2000 in sectors such as logistics, facility management, grocery, distribution, retail, architecture, health care and many more.   

With over 20 years in the business of manufacturing and developing LED Lighting (yes, we actually manufacture our fixtures start to finish), WE ARE your perfect solution for conservation through LED Lighting.  

Call us at 877-AEI-LITE and we'll talk you through the many options available to you per your facility, application and needs.  Our forté IS personalized customer service that includes spending time with you in our facility, if need be, to show you first-hand how we manufacture our fixtures or customize them for your particular facility or application.

Conservation begins with a great plan. Great conservation begins with AEI Lighting. Reach out to us and watch how we become a big part of your cost savings effort.

Conservationally Yours,

The AEI Lighting Team