Occupancy Sensors = Savings For You

Energy-conscious minds everywhere share the common belief that one should turn off lights when not in a room.  That energy-conscious habit most definitely applies to enterprises everywhere, where saving money on energy and lighting is at the forefront to ensure profitability.

Enter our great, green solution to ease your mind --- AEI occupancy sensors.  

AEI Lighting occupancy sensors on AEI Lighting highbay LED fixtures for warehouse, distribution centers, processing centers and industrial facilities -- energy efficient for facilities management success.

AEI occupancy sensors can be added as an option to most high- and low-bay AEI Lighting fixtures for your warehouse, distribution center, processing center or industrial work environment.

AEI Lighting's integrated occupancy and daylighting control options offer additional energy savings without wiring -- we go to the trouble of installing occupancy sensors at your request for your order so you don't have to.

With our AEI Lighting occupancy sensors, you are able to program your lights for ultimate efficient on/off, depending on room occupancy.  

For best results, consult our lighting expert, Michele Floyd, on what sensor combination your environment's lighting solution would require.  Michele can, given an initial survey of your facility, provide you with the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution that maximizes occupancy sensor use to benefit your bottom line.

We want you to make use of occupancy sensor technology to ensure additional savings for your facilities and will help you get there every step of the way.  Call on us any time at 877-AEI-LITE or 480-733-6594.

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team