Looking Forward To The Year Ahead

The New Year 2019 is here and we at AEI Lighting are looking forward to all of the challenges and successes it will bring.  We love to learn and are constantly asking ourselves "How Can We Improve?"  We are constantly striving to deliver perfection to our customers throughout the United States and worldwide.

We Are Experts In High Bay LED Lighting For Warehouse, Distribution Centers and Processing Centers

We are experts in high bay and retrofit LED lighting for warehouse, distribution centers, processing centers, bottling facilities and big box retail and have satisfied Fortune 2000 customers throughout the United States, proof that we deliver energy-efficient LED Lighting solutions on or under budget that benefit the bottom line.

AEI Lighting - A Made-In-USA LED Lighting Manufacturer

Moreover, we are 'hands-on' in our processes of manufacturing and assembly.  We produce every LED Lighting fixture at our 40,000 SF fabrication and manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona and believe that delivering a high-quality #MadeInUSA LED lighting fixture to you is of utmost importance.  We know what the competition sells and we're 'light years' beyond in energy-efficiency and quality.

At AEI Lighting, we manufacturing our LED Lighting in the USA at our 40,000 SF facility in Mesa, Arizona

As 2019 is lies ahead, know that we will strive to deliver the highest-quality LED Lighting fixtures to you, replete with energy-efficiencies that will make your bottom line sing.  

We welcome you to visit us any time and take a tour of our facility personally with our CEO/Founder, Ron Kotloff.  We believe seeing is believing and nothing beats a personalized tour to start a life-long relationship.


Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team