Your AEI Lighting Facility Lunch Tour Is On Us.

At AEI Lighting, we are #MadeInUSA & #MadeInAmerica and want to show you how we do it concept to final product at our Mesa, Arizona facility.  Sign up for a personalized facility tour with our founder & CEO, Ron Kotloff and we'll show you how we make some of the most high-quality, energy-efficient LED Lighting in the business.

We are a completely 'in-house' manufacturer of our lighting fixtures.  Our fabrication area includes our AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System, an AMADA HG-2204 250-Ton 14-Foot Press Brake, an AMADA EM2510 NT Servo Drive Turret Punch Press, an AMADA PEGA 255 CNC Turret Punch Press, an AMADA FBD 1025NT Up-Acting Press Brake and two AMADA RG-8024 down-acting press brakes.  We laser, punch, stamp, bend and form your special lighting fixture designs to ensure your fixture has maximum output and efficiency at your facility.

AEI Fabrication services include bending and forming on our Amada 250-ton press brake.

AEI Fabrication services include laser cutting on our 6,000 Watt Amada laser cutting system.

AEI Lighting's fabrication facility in Mesa, Arizona where our MadeInUSA fixtures are laser cut, formed and finished

All of this doesn't include our CAD center where your lighting design can start from conception.  We will ensure that your lighting fixture design is perfected before we put it to the test in our fabrication processes.

AEI Fabrication features a full CAD Design & Engineering department.

If you're local (and even if you're not), make lunch a little different this summer and sign up for an AEI Lighting Facility Lunch Tour here.  We promise you that lunch is on us AND you'll discover how to create the perfect lighting solution for your facility, warehouse or DC. 

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team