Our DLC Fixtures Mean Absolute Energy Efficiency For You

At AEI Lighting, we have a robust line of DLC-Listed LED lighting fixtures for many applications -- from Retrofit to Site & Area to WallPacks to VaporTight.  We're proud to be able to offer you an array of DLC fixtures that can facilitate most needs at your facility.

AEI Lighting's DLC Listed LED Lighting fixtures include retrofits, high bay, site area, vapor tight and wall packs. 

What Does A DLC Listing Mean?  A DLC Listing or Certification means that the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) has qualified or certified a particular LED lighting fixture that has undergone stringent third-party testing for energy-efficiencies and to ensure all lumen claims are met.  

The DLC works with many utility companies in all regions of the United States to include DLC listed fixtures in utility rebate programs.  Your local utility may require DLC fixtures for rebates to apply at your facility; thus, we at AEI will try to specify our DLC-Listed fixtures if your job or site is seeking utility rebates. 

AEI Lighting's DLC Listed LED Lighting Fixtures include vapor tight, wall packs, high bay, retrofits, troopers and many more.

Rest assured, our DLC-Listed LED lighting fixtures undergo very stringent testing to ensure DLC Certification and make the DLC's Qualified Products List.

If you'd like to learn more about our DLC-Listed LED lighting fixtures, contact our resident LED lighting specialist, Michele Floyd, at 877-AEI-LITE, 480-733-6594 or by email at michele@aeilighting.com.

Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team