Yes. Hand-Made, Made-In-USA LED Lighting Does Exist.

At AEI Lighting we're very 'hands-one.  We design, engineer, fabricate, manufacture and hand-assemble our Made-In-USA LED lighting at our facility in Mesa, Arizona.  Most of the processes in executing your lighting order involve our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision equipment -- from laser cutting to stamping to punching to bending to forming to machining and turning.  However, all of these processes involve operators -- our AEI Lighting Team of A++ multi-disciplined operators -- each with a very 'Hands-On' mind-set and 'Can-Do' mandate.  Yes, we at AEI Lighting ARE meticulously 'Hands-On' when it comes to your LED lighting order.

AEI LED Lighting is manufactured at AEI Lighting in Mesa, Arizona strictly Made In USA

From high bay to vapor tight to cold storage, many of our product lines are laser cut  by our Amada LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System and then formed on our Amada RG-8024 and FBD 1025NT Press Brakes, by expert, 'hands-on' AEI operators.

AEI LED Lighting is hand assembled in our AEI Lighting manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona --- strictly MADE IN USA!

Your LED lighting order will go through 'Hands-On' assembly, quality control and packing processes -- each of which we take the utmost in pride to ensure perfect order delivery and functionality for you. 

AEI's LED Lighting is strictly MADE IN USA, laser cut, fabricated and hand-assembled in our Mesa, Arizona manufacturing facility

Although the discipline requires the ultimate in a design eye and artistic brain power, another process at AEI Lighting in which we are 'Hands-On' is in our Design & Engineering department.

AEI Lighting Design & Engineering Department Ensures Perfection On Your Lighting Design and Order

The precision and creativity of our CAD Team of Engineers means the best design will be created to create a perfect lighting solution for you. Our Engineers are 'Hands-On' in understanding the nuances and exact details of your lighting project and environment, discussing the best means of execution with our equipment operators and project managers to seamlessly deliver exactly what you've envisioned.

Yes, at AEI Lighting, we believe that in this digital age, 'Hands-On', 'Hand-Made' and 'American-Made' are all important product assets.  We're here to ensure you that you can put your lighting project in our very capable hands.  We'll do the rest.


Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team