Why Choose AEI Lighting? Here's Our Illuminating Story . . .

AEI Lighting's talented group of fabricators, lighting experts and managers The AEI Lighting Team

Celebrating nearly 22 years in business, AEI Lighting is a multi-faceted manufacturer and full-service solutions provider of industrial, commercial, retail and residential energy-saving lighting products that include LED, T5/T8/T5HO fluorescent, induction and natural light skylights for applications such as distribution centers, warehouses, production floors, retail, grocery, commercial buildings, streets & roadways, office parks, cold storage and extreme environments.



With a focus on sustainable practices, responsible in-house, USA-Made manufacturing and unparalleled creativity in product design, AEI Lighting's 200-plus lighting fixture models are now found in all 50 states in the United States. The company has also serviced most of the Fortune 2000 in industries ranging from logistics to warehousing to cold storage to big-box retail to high-tech to entertainment. AEI is also proud to serve those that serve our country, calling all U.S. military branches and NASA clients. AEI's metal fabrication subsidiary, AEI Fabrication, provides high-quality, precision metal fabrication services that make any custom lighting designs an in-house execution you can control and manage.

The AEI Lighting Management Team with a combined 70+ years with the company
The AEI Lighting Management Team with a combined 70+ years with the company in front of AEI's 6,000-Watt AMADA Precision Laser Cutting System
Owner and founder Ron Kotloff states, "The culture we have created here at AEI is that every lighting fixture we produce is a potential first impression. When one of our customers asks us for a sample of a fixture we're producing, that sample is usually examined with a fine-tooth comb, wires organized and cleaned up so it looks perfect when the customer gets it.  The attitude we have here at AEI Lighting is, 'if we build a thousand fixtures, we never know which one a customer is going to pull of the stack to look at and test', so every one of our thousand fixtures needs to be perfect -- as if they're the test sample that will be scrutinized."

AEI Lighting has carved out a niche in the lighting category with innovative, fresh designs, quick turnarounds and responsive customer service.   Over its two-plus decades in the lighting business, AEI Lighting has built a reputation for cost-efficient, energy-saving lighting solutions that, due to its in-house, USA-Made manufacturing, have attracted the attention of high profile customers in a wide range of industries. Kotloff adds, "We are smaller and more nimble than our competitors and this allows us to consistently innovate and bring the latest technology to our customers ahead of others."   AEI Lighting's tenets of success start with a 'can-do' attitude that permeates every member of the company (there are 40+ team members). This attitude is the catalyst for the growth of AEI and its departments, such as Design & Engineering, who use the latest in CAD/CAM, including SolidWorks, ProE, FabriWIN, MetaCAM and other modeling and process software to design, develop and prototype any product in the most cost-efficient manner. AEI is known for working closely with our clients throughout the entire product development and production process to ensure the utmost in cost-efficiencies and customer satisfaction."
With a 14-foot, 250-Ton Press Brake & Stamping Capability, AEI's Team Can Handle Custom Lighting Fabrications For You

The team at AEI Lighting shares the philosophy of consistently building the best lighting products possible by taking pride in workmanship and the physical surroundings in which they work. "We recently had a new customer tour our facility and, as I was discussing our quality process, he stopped me and said that he knew the products we would create for him would be outstanding. When I asked him how he knew, he added, 'It's because your facility is so clean and well-cared for. If you take this good care of your facility, machines and floors, you will clearly pay attention to the quality of our products'," Kotloff commented.

AEI's Amada LC3015F1-NT 6,000-watt Laser Cutting System : The Only One Of Its Kind In Arizona
AEI Lighting has had LED in its product lineup for years but is adding LED innovations quarterly.  Several of AEI's LED innovations continue to be the perfect solutions for complex customer applications.  Kotloff believes LED innovation is the future of energy-saving lighting, "We're a young, growing company in search of larger lighting projects that need our creativity and innovation. Most customers are surprised at what we can do with lighting architecture and fixtures to help them save, sometimes more than fifty-percent.  If you need LED or fluorescent for retail, commercial or industrial, retrofits or skylights call us or come take a tour of AEI Lighting with me personally. You won't regret it and you'll find that we'll help you save on your lighting and energy costs any way we can."