We Provide Certainty For Delivery & Support After The Sale.

These days, we can't express enough how important it is to buy from a lighting solutions partner that is in total control of its product throughout the supply chain as well as after the sale.  

The last thing you need is an order for one of your facilities, warehouses, DC or cold storage to either be short of or contain defective fixtures.  And, even if you receive a perfect fixture order -- will install go well or will there be fixture issues in the short term.  Will those issues be solved to your satisfaction in a timely manner that does not cost you money?

With AEI Lighting the angst and stress of the above do not exist.  We take pride in ensuring that you receive the perfect lighting solution through extensive audit and deliver complete, no-fail fixture orders that are tested multiple times before they leave our USA-facility.

AEI Lighting facility in Mesa, Arizona -- Made In The USA LED Lighting Fixtures

When you choose AEI Lighting, we want you to be a customer for life and we will take the necessary steps to accomplish that goal.  All we ask is that you give us a try and let us show you how our Made-In-USA fixtures from our total turnkey manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona will not only save you time in the ordering and install processes but will save you money in LED Lighting efficiencies in the long run.

AEI Lighting facility in Mesa, Arizona -- Made In The USA LED Lighting Fixtures

Let us illuminate your world by taking part in a personal lunch tour with our Founder & CEO, Ron Kotloff.  You won't regret it and your company will love how we affect your bottom line.

We look forward to meeting you at our next AEI Lighting Lunch Tour -- and, want to extend a toast a life-long relationship and your ultimate savings!

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team