We Manufacture. We Are USA-Made. We Set Ourselves Apart.

This post is the rare post that is not about our lighting fixtures.  It's about what we put into our lighting fixtures.

At AEI Lighting, we set ourselves apart from the competition.  How do we do it?  For one, WE are the MANUFACTURER of our AEI Lighting fixtures.  We laser cut, bend, form and assemble all of the AEI LED fixtures in our lines right in our Mesa, Arizona facility, right here in the good old USA.  That makes us American-Made as well.  

We're proud of these facts and believe that when you look for LED Lighting fixtures, you want a manufacturer you can trust, you can touch, you can visit AND you want American-quality fixtures with a great warranty that guarantees long fixture life with no hassles.

On the manufacturing side, you can see how serious we are about producing our own LED Lighting fixtures by the fact that we own a 250-Ton Amada HG 2204 Press Brake AND a 6,000-Watt Amada LC3015 F1 NT Laser Cutting System.  Who does that here in the USA?

AEI Lightings Amada HG-2204 Press Brake

Our Amada HG-2204 Press Brake for bending and forming your LED Fixtures

When considering a company for your LED Lighting needs, all we ask is you consider a company that is serious about the quality of the lighting fixtures it delivers.  Consider a company that gives you American-made fixtures with quality components and ultimate energy-efficiencies. All we ask is you consider AEI Lighting.  

We're so sure you'll become a lifetime customer that we'd like to host you for lunch and a facility tour with our founder, Ron Kotloff.  Take us up on our offer -- you won't regret it.

Stay illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team