Conservation Begins With You & AEI LED

At AEI Lighting, we pride ourselves in making the most energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures for many targeted applications right here in the United States -- Mesa, Arizona to be exact.  

Our energy-saving LED Lighting fixtures service warehouse, cold storage, distribution centers, extreme environments, street & roadway, retail, gymnasiums, ice rinks and many more applications for colleges, universities and many of the Fortune 2000 in sectors such as logistics, facility management, grocery, distribution, retail, architecture, health care and many more.   

With over 20 years in the business of manufacturing and developing LED Lighting (yes, we actually manufacture our fixtures start to finish), WE ARE your perfect solution for conservation through LED Lighting.  

Call us at 877-AEI-LITE and we'll talk you through the many options available to you per your facility, application and needs.  Our forté IS personalized customer service that includes spending time with you in our facility, if need be, to show you first-hand how we manufacture our fixtures or customize them for your particular facility or application.

Conservation begins with a great plan. Great conservation begins with AEI Lighting. Reach out to us and watch how we become a big part of your cost savings effort.

Conservationally Yours,

The AEI Lighting Team