Take Part In The LED Retrofit Revolution

We at AEI are leading a revolution because we believe you have rights.  We firmly believe that you have the RIGHT TO SAVE MONEY.  We firmly believe that you have the RIGHT TO DISCOVER THE PERFECT LIGHTING SOLUTION for your retail, facility or project. We firmly believe that we can create lighting solutions that deliver the benefits of LED lighting without costly full-scale fixture replacement.  

How can we do it?  Retrofits.  We've sparked a retrofit revolution.  

At AEI, we have an entire LED Retrofit product line that can provide the perfect lighting solution for your retail, office, warehouse or facility.  Have T8 fixtures?  Not to worry, we even have energy-efficient, wide-angle T8 retrofit tubes for your existing T8 fixtures.  Talk about leading the charge -- take a look at some of our Retrofit options:

With 20-plus years in the lighting business, we at AEI Lighting know more about retail, commercial, warehouse and industrial lighting than just about anyone.  Our list of Fortune 2000 clientele is proof that our 'Made-In-The-USA' LED fixtures deliver energy-efficiency at a cost that fits your budget.

When it comes to lighting solutions that help you save, look to AEI Lighting retrofits.  


Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team