The Great Blizzard 2016 & Extreme Environments Are No Problem For Our Vapor-Tight LED Fixtures

The record-setting blizzard that hit the east coast last weekend created extreme environments for millions in many states.  Resources unaccustomed to such extremes failed and left millions without power.

At AEI Lighting, we've seen extreme environments.  We've studied extreme environments. And, we've spent countless hours in extreme environments testing and installing our extreme environment vapor-tight LED fixtures.  We know extreme environment lighting fixtures. 

Whether it's the simplest of refrigerated walk-ins, the most arctic of freezers, a bottling facility wetter than the Amazon rain forest or an outdoor work area that resembles a Saharan sandstorm, one of our Vapor Tight LED fixtures will provide the perfect solution for you.


AEI Vapor Tight LED fixtures are UL-Listed, IP-Rated and available in a variety of wattages and color temperatures.  AEI Vapor Tight LED Fixtures provide THE long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting solution for these environments and more:

  • Commercial Refrigeration Units
  • Commercial Freezers & Frozen Environments
  • Food Processing & Cold Storage
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Breweries & Industrial Facilities
  • Livestock Containment Buildings
  • Parking Garages & Underground Walkways
  • Laundries & Car Washes
  • All high- and low-bay applications with extreme cold and moisture and/or dirt and dust 

Call on us and let us show you how we can provide THE perfect cost-saving, worry-free lighting solution for your extreme environment.

Stay Illuminated,


The AEI Lighting Team