Do You Have A Grid Ceiling? Chat With Us First.

If you have a retail or commercial space with a grid ceiling, our AEI Troffer/Grid Class of LED fixtures provide a variety of solutions for you while delivering maximum efficiency and foot-candles.  

We'll walk you through our class of Troffer/Grid fixtures to find the perfect solution for your space footprint.

Thoughtfully designed Troffer/Grid solutions from AEI Lighting include:

  • Our Axedo Retrofit LED Strips are Made-In-USA with either AEI Linear or OSRAM LED light engines on-board.  Axedo retrofit strips are convenient, economical and easy to install.
  • Our LHG HiGrid Series LED Fixture utilizes our Made-In-USA AEI LED strip modules and yields
    high lumen LED output with multiple lumen output options
  • Our LID Series LED Troffer/Grid Retrofit also utilizes our Made-In-USA AEI LED strip modules, yields high lumen LED output and is available in 1'x4', 2'x4' and 2'x2' configurations
  • Our RBL HiGrid Series LED Fixture is Made In The U.S.A. with our unique, heavy-duty aluminum housing for trouble-free illumination and includes 80W, 135W and multiple lens options

Call on us at AEI Lighting first in your search for the perfect LED lighting solution for your grid ceiling.  We will work with you to find the most cost and energy efficient solution for your space and, as is our forté, will design something from scratch for you if we have to.  That's how we illuminate at AEI Lighting.


The AEI Lighting Team