It's Summer, Ride The Tube!

Now that we're in the heart of June, here's a hot idea that will cool your lighting expenses -- convert your tired, expensive T8 to energy-efficient LED with our AEI LED T8 Retrofit Tubes!

Our AEI high performance T8 LED  Tubes have the same geometry as fluorescent T8 tubes but are vastly superior. Constructed using high efficiency LEDs and the highest quality components, AEI T8 LED Tubes last an average of 5X longer than fluorescent alternatives and achieve energy savings of up to 60%.

AEI Lighting T8 Retrofit LED Tubes

Our T8 LED Tubes provide a low glare, high-quality light in a range of color temperatures and their wide-angle beam ensures full light coverage, even in low ceiling areas. They also offer:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY - High efficiency LEDs enable savings of up to 60% compared to fluorescents
  • EASY INSTALL, QUICK RETROFIT - Standard G13 connection compatible with existing fluorescent non-stunted tube holders
  • LONG-LIFE, LOW MAINTENANCE - Up to 50,000 hours lifetime reduces your maintenance costs & provides ROI in two years or less
  • IMMEDIATE LIGHT WITHOUT NOISE - Instant ON without flickering and buzzing common in fluorescent products
  • VOLTAGE & OPERATING - Input voltage is 120-277V and operating frequency is 50/60Hz

AEI Lighting T8 Retrofit LED Tubes

Jump on the LED savings bandwagon the simplest and easiest way possible -- with our our T8 Retrofit LED Tube.  Preview the T8 Retrofit LED Tube Data Sheet here .

If you've questions on the T8 Retrofit or any other LED Lighting solution, call on us at 480-733-6594 or 877-AEI-LITE.

Stay Illuminated,

The AEI Lighting Team