An Arizona Home Is What You Make It

At AEI Lighting, we've been based in Arizona for nearly twenty years.  Our roots are here, our home is here and our business is here.  The Southwest, with its 'golden triangle' of Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, constantly delivers tremendous enterprising opportunities for us to exploit the great benefits of our energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures such as our Apollo and Allure high bays and our LED Retrofit kits.

We are proud to say that we are growing with our Arizona, Southwest and U.S. customers and taking care of their needs through our quality AEI product and stellar 'Personalized' customer service.  For us, it's not cliché to say that 'every lighting job is the most important to us' -- after all, our customers entrust their 'important' jobs to us every day.  We are blessed to be the 'go to' LED (and fluorescent) lighting choice by our great clientele and keep our goal of 'ultimate customer satisfaction' as Job #1.

As we trend toward spring here in Arizona, the warming progress of the 'Valley of the Sun' is raising the bar on expectations in all that we do.  Like the Spring Training baseball players that descend on Scottsdale, Peoria, Chandler and Goodyear each year, we are up for the challenge.

In short, we love what we do, we're here to stay and we're always asking 'How Can We Illuminate Your World?'

Constantly in Awe,

The AEI Lighting Team