AEI LED Retrofits for Retail, Construction/Architecture & Manufacturing Help You Save In Many Ways

AEI Lighting's LED retrofit kits are replacing traditional fluorescent and HID at a tremendous rate in Retail, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Construction/Architecture.

Retail: AEI Lighting LED Retrofits are contributing to over 50% energy savings for the PetroMart chain (below).  The project has a 3-year payback schedule and included an incremental utility rebate for AEI LED use.


Construction/Architecture:  The BJC Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis, MO (below) took advantage of AEI's LED RTK and COVE Retrofit Kits.  The Siteman Center is saving up to 50% on energy costs with AEI LED in its lobby and valet areas.

Manufacturing/Processes: In one of our more unique installations, AEI LED Retrofit RTK 18U Kits were used in Auto Paint Suites paint bays (below) to increase and perfect lighting for the critical auto body painting processes.  Our RTK 18U units are responsible for helping to save over 50% in energy costs and qualified for significant rebates.

Contact your AEI Lighting representative today or speak directly with John Austin, our National Accounts Director, at 480-733-6594 ext. 217 on how we can customize an AEI LED Retrofit solution for you.