• The T8 WeatherMax Vapor Tight fixture is available in 32-Watt 1 lamp (T8VT-132), 2 lamp (T8VT-232) and 3 lamp (T8VT-332) cross sections.  The 8-foot body offers 2-, 4- and 6-lamp options. The T5VT Series, with T5 lamps, is also available.
  • Two widths are available to best meet your lighting requirement.  Designed specifically for T8 & T5 lamps and come fully assembled. 8-foot fixtures come with two 4-foot internal lamp cross sections only. 
  • White ballast cover standard. Highly specular MIRO 4 reflectors optional. Consult factory for more details on reflective options
  • Injection molded polycarbonate diffusers with lineal prisms standard. Damage resistance is ideal for parking garages. Consult AEI factory for other lens options.
  • AEI's Tool-Free Maintenance enables removal of the lens and gear tray for easy wireway access in seconds
  • New T8 Lamp/Electronic Ballast combinations save more than 50% over older HID and T12 Fluorescent lighting systems
  • T8 lamps are rated for up to 36,000 hours, nearly twice that of typical fluorescent and HID lamps when used with programmed start ballasts
  • HID light levels drop as much as 60% as the lamps age. New T8 light levels maintain up to 95% over the life of the lamp
  • T8 ballast technology eliminates flicker and provides instant on & instant restrike while maintaining light levels during power dips & peaks
  • T8 lamps are 70CRI or greater, providing excellent color quality over the life of the lamp, enhancing visual comfort.
  • Polycarbonate one-piece latches standard for the T8VT fixture. Stainless steel latches optional. Standard fixture is not sold with mounting brackets. Stainless steel mounting brackets are optional.
  • UL Listed for Wet Locations


  • Food processing facilities
  • Car washes and exterior bays
  • Bottling and wet processing plants
  • All wet location applications

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