LED Wide-Angle T8 Retrofit Tubes


  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY High efficiency LEDs enable savings of up to 60% compared to fluorescents
  • EASY INSTALL, QUICK RETROFIT Standard G13 connection compatible with existing fluorescent tube holders
  • LONG-LIFE, LOW MAINTENANCE Up to 50,000 hours lifetime reduces your maintenance costs & provides ROI in two years or less
  • IMMEDIATE LIGHT WITHOUT NOISE Instant ON without flickering and buzzing common in fluorescent products
  • VOLTAGE & OPERATING Input voltage is 120-277V and operating frequency is 50/60Hz
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on all fixture components


  • Retail Stores & Environments, Meeting Rooms & Office Environments
  • Facilities, Parking Garages, Walkways & Corridors
  • Warehouses, Meeting Rooms, Industrial Sites, Distribution Centers
  • Any application where T8s are used can accommodate our LED T8 retrofit
  • Consult your AEI representative regarding your particular application

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