AEI Lighting : Punching & Stamping Of Lighting Fixtures

AEI Lighting utilizes the most efficient in Amada punching and stamping technology with it's EM2510 NT Servo Drive and PEGA255 equipment. Our Amada turret punches complete your job with high-precision and the utmost in quality. Our AEI EM2510 NT and PEGA255 are operated to achieve efficient cycle times with up to 20+ ton capacity at a variety of dimensions and material thicknesses.

Our punching and stamping machines give you the opportunity to take advantage of the many newer processing capabilities available in punching, while completing your lighting design job in a cost-efficient and ecologically-sensitive way. Additionally, our punching and stamping processes include 'fine contouring' that achieves near laser-like precision. Using special contouring tools and applications, our machines nibble at a pitch as small as 0.020” to punch complex curves and shapes at high-speeds. As a result, secondary processes such as filing and deburring are often times eliminated, saving time and money.

We can punch and stamp a wide range of metals, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper and brass.  Additionally, we have experience in working with various grades of aluminum for almost two decades, using aluminum's assets of strength, light weight and corrosion resistance in designing, developing and fabricating thousands of industrial products. AEI Lighting's aluminum, steel and stainless steel lighting fixtures and components have been used in interior, exterior, hazardous, water-based and extreme temperature applications. We handle all of our metal procurement in-house from reputable sources we've used for decades to ensure the highest quality grade of metal for you and your lighting fixture job.

AEI Lighting's AMADA EM2510 NT Punch Press

AEI's Amada EM2510 NT Turret Punch Press Punching Aluminum

AEI Lighting's AMADA EM2510 NT & PEGA 255

AEI Lighting's EM2510NT & PEGA 255 Equipment Features
  • The 2510NT utilizes an AC servo motor to drive the ram (eliminating the hydraulic power supply and chiller)
  • Electrical consumption is less than one-half of comparable hydraulic machines; thus environmentally sound
  • Higher positioning speed improves productivity and saves you cost
  • AEI's equipment offers significantly faster punching speeds than mechanical turrets, building cost efficiencies
  • PC-based network CNC Control of all operational phases
  • Power vacuum slug pull system (patent pending) virtually eliminates slug pull concerns
  • High-speed marking hit rates for adding product numbers, patent information and other inscriptions
  • High-speed forming allows parts to be formed to desired dimensions for off-set bends, extrusions, ribs and other forms