AEI Lighting : Precision Laser Cutting Of Lighting Fixtures

AEI Lighting’s nearly 20 years of working closely with and listening carefully to our lighting customers has resulted in our acquisition of a high-speed AMADA LC3015 F1 NT Laser Cutting System to fulfill all metal cutting processes for all fixture designs. Even the most complex designs are simplified and executed in 3X less time by AEI Lighting’s AMADA laser, one of a handful in the United States.


AEI's 6,000-Watt Amada LC3015F1-NT Laser Cuts 1/4-inch (0.25) Steel & Performs A Steel Sheet Change

AEI's 6,000-Watt Amada LC3015F1-NT Laser Cutting A 3/4-inch (.75) Steel Part

Laser Video Playlist: AEI Lighting's 6,000-Watt Amada LC3015F1-NT Laser At Work Cutting Several Projects Of Various Thicknesses & Running Through Its Cleaning & Calibration Cycle [Click Play Icon For Next Video]

AEI's AMADA LC 3015 F1 NT Standard Features:

  • Faster piercing and cutting by using linear drives in all three axes up to 1.5-inch thickness
  • Superb cutting quality with sharp corners over the full thickness range
  • High productivity at lower running costs through our ECO cut process Stable cutting and increased productivity using WACS™ (Water Assisted Cutting System)
  • Twin-Adaptive Optics to eliminate the need for lens changing
  • Cut Process Monitoring improves process time and part quality by pierce detection and by monitoring cut process
  • Flexible design options: a fully accessible enclosure and choice of right- or left-hand layout
  • 99.5% precision cutting perfection eliminates burring and finishing times
  • Cut Process Monitoring and automatic nozzle changing capability

AEI Lighting's NC3015F1-NT 6,000-Watt precision laser cutting system hard at work.

AEI Lighting's Amada Laser After Cutting A Complete Sheet Of Fixture Parts