AEI Lighting : Bending & Forming Of Lighting Fixtures

AEI Lighting utilizes a variety of AMADA Press Brakes to offer a wide range of metal bending and forming services. From forming complex fixture shapes to pressing consistent patterns, our forming capabilities can handle your project. With eco-friendly systems predicated on low energy consumption, AEI's forming systems provide unparalleled precision and performance in both processing and backgauge speed to ensure you save on your project.

AEI's Full-Service AMADA FBD1025NT & RG8024 Press Brakes

AEI Lighting Offers Bending & Forming for Metal, Sheet Metal, Aluminum and Metal Alloys with AMADA Press Brakes

Features of AEI's Up-Acting Press Brakes include: 1) next generation of machines using precision hydraulics; 2) unparalleled performance enhanced by simplified setup; 3) expanded processing area for variety of bends, increased processing speed up to 30% faster and 4) increased backgauge speed up to 300% faster, as well as these specifications:

  • 88-ton capacity
  • 98.62" maximum bend length
  • 80.71" distance between side plate
  • 14.57" open height
  • 3.97" stroke length
  • .43"/sec. bending speed
  • AMNC-IS control

Features of AEI's Down-Acting Press Brakes include: 1) high-speed, high-precision bending sensor that eliminates test bends; 2) increased distance between tooling and greater stroke length provides for a larger processing area; 3) expanded processing area that enables deep box bending and 4) increased distance between punch & die allows for safe, easy processing of heavy materials, as well as these specifications:

  • 88-ton capacity
  • 101" maximum bend length
  • 18.5" open height (without clamps)
  • 7.87" stroke
  • ±.00004" ram repeatability