AEI Cures The Parking Garage Lighting Dilemma

March 26, 2016

Finding the perfect LED lighting fixture for your parking garages, tunnels or underground walkways can be a bigger job than you think.  Let AEI Lighting simplify the searching process for you and prescribe the perfect solution.   At AEI, our expertise in designing unique, custom fixtures led to the creation of our Parking Plus LED Lighting fixture for parking garage, hallway/stairwell and underground environments.  Parking Plus is the perfect LED Lighting solution to replace your current, tired parking structure fixtures with energy-efficient, cost-saving AEI LED. Our 'Made In The U.S.A.' Parking Plus fixture is entirely fabricated at our Mesa, Arizona facility and comes with a heavy-duty, all-aluminum housing and a 5-year limited warranty on all fixture components.  Additional features of... Continue Reading →

What's The Word On The Street?

February 25, 2016

Campuses. Office Parks. Municipalities. Highways. Master-Planned Communities. Roadways. Parking Lots & Garages.  What do these spaces have in common?  They require Street & Roadway Lighting -- better yet, AEI Lighting LED Street & Roadway fixtures. During the 20+ year tenure of our lighting manufacturing business, we have produced 1,000s of Street & Roadway fixtures for developers, municipalities, colleges & universities, retail chains and some of the Fortune 2000.  Energy-efficient AEI LED Street & Roadway fixtures not only save you energy and money, they also improve safety and security of public and private areas. Our popular SiteMax™ LED Series for Street & Roadway has DLC-Listed models and these features: USA-Made AEI linear LED light engines IP-65 and IP-67 Certified Available in pole... Continue Reading →

The Great Blizzard 2016 & Extreme Environments Are No Problem For Our Vapor-Tight LED Fixtures

January 27, 2016

The record-setting blizzard that hit the east coast last weekend created extreme environments for millions in many states.  Resources unaccustomed to such extremes failed and left millions without power. At AEI Lighting, we've seen extreme environments.  We've studied extreme environments. And, we've spent countless hours in extreme environments testing and installing our extreme environment vapor-tight LED fixtures.  We know extreme environment lighting fixtures.  Whether it's the simplest of refrigerated walk-ins, the most arctic of freezers, a bottling facility wetter than the Amazon rain forest or an outdoor work area that resembles a Saharan sandstorm, one of our Vapor Tight LED fixtures will provide the perfect solution for you.   AEI Vapor Tight LED fixtures are UL-Listed, IP-Rated and available in a variety of wattages... Continue Reading →

Do You Have A Grid Ceiling? Chat With Us First.

December 09, 2015

If you have a retail or commercial space with a grid ceiling, our AEI Troffer/Grid Class of LED fixtures provide a variety of solutions for you while delivering maximum efficiency and foot-candles.   We'll walk you through our class of Troffer/Grid fixtures to find the perfect solution for your space footprint. Thoughtfully designed Troffer/Grid solutions from AEI Lighting include: Our Axedo Retrofit LED Strips are Made-In-USA with either AEI Linear or OSRAM LED light engines on-board.  Axedo retrofit strips are convenient, economical and easy to install. Our LHG HiGrid Series LED Fixture utilizes our Made-In-USA AEI LED strip modules and yieldshigh lumen LED output with multiple lumen output options Our LID Series LED Troffer/Grid Retrofit also utilizes our Made-In-USA AEI LED strip modules,... Continue Reading →

'L' Is For Logistics & LED Lighting

July 01, 2015

If you're in logistics, you're probably familiar with warehouses and the lighting needs they require.  Those warehouses need AEI LED lighting, specifically AEI's award-winning Apollo LED high bay lighting fixtures to improve warehouse workspace productivity. AEI's Apollo 3 high bay was voted Next Generation's Luminaires Industrial High Bay for 2014 with Next Generation judges choosing it as best with "remarkably good glare control delivered."  Our Apollo has these features: Offered in 3, 4, 6 and 7 Lamp configurations Bridgelux high-output Vero 18 & 29 LEDs with efficacy up to 130 lm/W USA Made housing and construction 5-Year Limited Warranty on all fixture components See how our Apollo LED lighting fixtures can help you save and improve productivity in your logistics facility. Continue Reading →