SkyLume Natural Lighting Skylights for Retail, Commercial & Industrial Applications


  • Available in 4 feet x 4 feet (ASL-4X4) and 4-feet x 8-feet (ASL-4X8) configurations
  • Panels are .50” foam board with white plastic laminate on outside of panel & .020 95% specular material on inside of panel
  • Lens is .1875 acrylic or polycarbonate prismatic
  • Dome is high-impact clear acrylic double dome with extruded aluminum frame
  • Can eliminate up to 90% of electrical lighting needs during daylight hours, saving significant money on electrical energy cost
  • Best visible light transmission of 89% without loss of color with 100 CRI full spectrum
  • The ASL is an unbeatable radiation barrier as it can produce up to R-48 insulation value
  • Easy drop-down system to ensure simple, leak-proof installations
  • Side extraction available to produce up-light for the space
  • Minimal roof penetration needed for uniform light distribution. Skylight to floor ratio is approximately 2%


  • Production & Processing Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants & Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Retail & Commercial environments
  • All Retail, Commercial & Industrial Applications

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